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We Buy All Types of Silver in Marietta

When it comes to selling silver, we believe in versatility. That’s why we buy all types of silver – from jewelry to flatware, coins to bullion, and everything in between. No matter the form or condition, we are interested in purchasing your silver items.  If you have old silver jewelry that no longer matches your style or pieces that are broken or damaged, don’t let them gather dust. We can offer you a fair price for these unwanted items based on their weight and quality.

Looking to sell your collection of antique silver coins? Look no further!  We are knowledgeable about different coin values and will assess each piece individually. Whether it’s rare collectibles or common coins, we are ready to make an offer.

Perhaps you have inherited a set of sterling silver flatware but have no use for it. We understand that times change, and contemporary styles evolve. Instead of letting this valuable item sit unused in a drawer, let us give you cash for it!  At Adamark Jewelers & Silversmiths, our goal is simple: provide a seamless experience when selling your silver items. From start to finish, our friendly staff will guide you through the process with professionalism and transparency.

We Purchase Anything of Value in the Payment Methods Outlined Below

We Are Your Full Service Jewelry Store!

We Will Buy It Out Right

Get Paid in Cash or Check

Store Credit Plus

Actual Cash Value Plus 10% That Never Expires

Gift Certificate

Actural Cash Value That Never Expires

Trade It

Trade Anything for Actual Cash Value Plus 10% That Never Expires

Selling Anything on Consignment

We Sell Anything For You on a Commission Basis

Any Combination of Above

For Example: Part Cash & Part Credit

The Different Types of Silver

The world of silver is vast and diverse, with various types that hold different qualities and values. Understanding the different types of silver can help you make informed decisions when selling your silver items.

One common type of silver is sterling silver. This type contains 92.5% pure silver mixed with other metals for added strength and durability. It is often used in jewelry, flatware, and decorative pieces.

Another type is coin silver, which has a slightly lower purity level at 90%. This type was commonly used to make coins before the introduction of modern alloys. Coin collectors may be interested in purchasing these items for their historical value.

Silver-plated items are not made entirely of silver but have a thin layer of it applied over another base metal. These pieces can still be valuable depending on their quality and condition.

There are also variations like Britannia Silver (95.8% pure), Mexican Silver (95% pure), and German Silver (containing no actual silver). Each has its own unique properties and uses.

Knowing the different types of silver can help you accurately assess the value of your items when selling or appraising them. Whether it’s sterling silver jewelry or antique coins, understanding these distinctions will ensure that you get a fair price for your treasures!

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This place is awesome! I went in to fix a bracelet that my mom gave me and the owner VERY generously fixed it for free. I am so thankful for that. They have a beautiful, classy assortment of all the jewelry that you could think of. We have also fixed watches with them before and they are very reasonably priced and efficient throughout the process.

    Alexa Weston
    Alexa Weston


    Went in today to have a bail on my Pendant replaced or adjusted to fit a large necklace and the owner and his wife were kind and helpful, and REALLY appreciate the help. The bail he adjusted isn't sliding along the chain as I would like, so I'll be back for more of the great customer service.

      Avery W.
      Avery W.


      Very nice and knowledgeable. I called to ask for a price on a service and she was nice enough to give me the info over the phone. Before calling Adamark, I had called another jeweler down the street and got snob attitude. I prefer to do business with people who are real and kind to everyone.

        Robin Moody
        Robin Moody


        Stop in to our store in Marietta where we have a vast selection of fine jewelry in sterling silver, gold and estate.

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