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Layaway Program

Holiday Gift Layaway Program

Adamark Jewelers Holiday Gift Layaway Program

The holiday season is a time filled with joy and love, where we express our gratitude towards our loved ones. And what better way to show this appreciation than through the gift of jewelry? From stunning diamond necklaces that sparkle under the twinkle lights to delicate bracelets adorned with precious gemstones, jewelry has always been a symbol of elegance and everlasting beauty. However, sometimes purchasing these exquisite pieces can be financially daunting. This is where Adamark Jewelers can help with our holiday layaway program. Designed to assist customers in securing their dream accessories without breaking the bank, our program offers a flexible payment plan that allows individuals to reserve their desired items upfront while paying over an extended period of time.

Come Visit Our Jewelry Store in Marietta, GA

We have a huge inventory. Whether looking for something in Gold, sterling silver or vintage and estate jewelry.  We can help you create that one of  a kind, or estate item.  

With no interest fees or credit checks involved, it provides peace of mind for those who wish to surprise their loved ones with extravagant gifts during the festive season. Whether it’s an engagement ring for your soulmate or a pair of pearl earrings for your mother, this program ensures that you can give meaningful presents without compromising on quality or budget constraints. So let this year’s holiday season be defined by shimmering smiles and cherished memories as you indulge in the enchantment of gifting beautiful jewelry through the convenient layaway option at Adamark Jewelers.

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Bring in Your Items!

We can appraise your fine jewelry, sterling silver, flatware, holloware, estate items, diamonds, crystal and china.

When you come in, please be sure to bring everything you'd like appraised. We must actually see all items, since we are certifying that we have inspected them. If you have any certification reports such as "GIA Lab", or "EGL" or and documentation such as original receipt or previous appraisals.
Please Bring These items With You!


Insurance Note

In order to insure your fine jewelry, sterling silver, flatware, holloware, estate items, diamonds, crystal, china and collectibles your insurance companies requires an additional rider on your existing policy. These riders are considered "Scheduled Property", and additional premiums may be applied. This is a listed value your insurance company will pay up to for scheduled items. Check your individual policy. The listed value on your appraisal(s) is used to set a ceiling on the amount that the insurance under writer will spend up to replace or duplicate your jewelry or item. The value for claims purposes will be determined at the time of loss. Your detailed appraisal will ensure that the replacement is of equal quality to your original items.


We Recommend

Appraisals over three (3) years old should be re-appraised, because values have changed. Gold, silver and gems have gone up. If loss does occur, insurance is limited to your stated value listed on the appraisal. The company may tell you are under insured, even if you have guaranteed replacement on your home owners. These items are scheduled to a specific amount only, that is what you are paying for. Please remember that even though you may have these policies, you are not covered for loss or damage unless you have your jewelry appraised and scheduled separately and submitted to your insurance company.

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 We are your full-service Jewelry Store in Marietta GA and whether you need jewelry repair, custom design or appraisal, we are here to help. 


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