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Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Always insure your package for its full value

We ship all items insured (signature required) and recommend that you do the same

Please specify if return delivery is to a business or a residential address

Always include the full value of the item, so we can fully insure it on the return delivery

Include all necessary information that appears on the item: company who made it, item numbers, etc.

Also, please note all damage and parts of an item that you’ve included: sugar bowl with lid, or without

No P.O. Boxes

Shipping Tips

Once we have received your item(s), we will call you with an exact quote, giving you a complete assessment of the situation, the recommended services we can provide, make some suggestions to help you in your final decision and approximate return delivery time.

Please protect your item when shipping with bubble wrap or newspaper, ASK your shipper.

We will ask you what your item’s dollar value is.  This is necessary because the item will be insured when in our possession and must be shipped. You also may want to take a picture or copy it on the copier for your own records. You also can trace the item by laying it on the top of sheet and tracing around it. Include all necessary information that appears on the item: company who made it, item numbers, and we usually put our invoice number on the back of it. Don’t forget…these items usually can’t be replaced if lost. They must be located in an antique store or from an estate if possible.

We require a deposit with your approval. You may use your credit card or send a check. We will proceed with the repair once the deposit is made.

Many repairs are available in our store while you wait.

Store Location

 We are your full-service Jewelry Store in Marietta GA and whether you need jewelry repair, custom design or appraisal, we are here to help. 


4880 Lower Roswell Road, Suite 175 Marietta, GA 30068

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(770) 565-6558



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Closed for Inventory

We will be closed for the Annual Inventory from May 17th through May 21st and back open again on May 22nd.   

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