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Latest Trends in Jewelry

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And the latest trends in jewelry show that this is still true today. These days, jewelry are not just for engagement rings and wedding bands anymore; they’re also used as fashion statements and gifts to celebrate any occasion. If you are looking for the trendy and best jewelry store in Marietta, , it is recommended to come see us at Adamark Jewelers & Silversmiths.   

We have covered some of the best diamond jewelry trends in 2022.

Detachable Jewelry

In today’s fashion, it’s fashionable to invest in unusual detachable jewelry pieces that are adaptable. A large necklace with two smaller necklaces or a stunning chandelier piece that may be transformed into delicate studs and chokers that can be converted into bracelets are just a couple of examples.

Diamond floral jewelry

Flowers have long been a favorite inspiration for jewelry designers. Jewelry design is rich in themes thanks to the curves, petals, layers, and beautiful floral hue. Floral rings with embedded uncut diamonds are a unique take on Polki jewelry. The flush diamond setting adds drama to the accessory.

Gem-set Jewelry pieces

The use of gem-set jewelry to mix and match colored stones on natural designs has taken jewelry making to new heights. Combining diamonds with colorful gemstones is a no-brainer for brides who want to try something different with their look while still maintaining the ensemble. Colorful briolette diamonds, intricately carved diamonds with ombre settings, and colored diamonds are easy yet attention-grabbing.

Nature-inspired Jewelry

One’s indulgence with Nature has a profoundly soothing and tranquil impact on the brides-to-be, especially since it is a trend that is gaining popularity. In the jewelry design sector, diamond jewelry that represent many natural-inspired things such as leaves, flowers, tendrils, dramatic planes, and abstract symmetries are becoming increasingly popular.


The allure and attractiveness of diamond earrings cannot be overstated. The appropriate earrings, from the past, always enhanced an ensemble’s appearance while also providing a pause to the wearer.

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