Adamark Jewelers and Silversmiths has a large selection of ESTATE and NEW silver-plate, sterling silver, brass and crystal: consisting of sugar bowls, creamers, coffee pots, flatware, teapots, serving trays, soup tureens, serving pieces, pitchers, platters, tea sets, salt and pepper shakers, goblets, glasses, Paul Revere Bowls. lighters, punch bowls, lazy susan, shakers, tea strainers, picture frames, baby cups, rattles, shot glasses, gravy boat with tray etc. We always purchase estate silver holloware all the time.

Our selection is always changing!
If you are looking for that special item please call or visit our store location.

Holloware is the modern gift in the US for the 16th wedding anniversary.

Holloware is any item used for
YOUR DISPLAY AND TABLE : such as trays, flatware, bowls, teapots,
candle sticks anything in silver-plate, sterling silver, brass and crystal.

We have many beautiful holloware items suitable for graduations, weddings, bridal showers, and baby gifts.

Adamark Jewelers and Silversmiths will PURCHASE * BUY * SELL * REPAIR * TRADE


We Can:

  • Garbage disposal damage
  • Silver Spoon Repair
  • Replace/repair a finial (the thing to lift the lid on my teapot)
  • Replace/repair a broken teapot or tray
  • Replace/repair a broken handle
  • Replace/repair a broken candlestick
  • Replace/repair a broken foot on a teapot or tray
    Please note: We must see both candle sticks if they are a pair so we can match them.
  • Replate candlesticks
  • Polish / Replate / Clean
    Silver Plate, Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper and Pewter items
  • Replace/repair a knife blade
  • Straighten a spoon that fell into the garbage disposal
  • Replace a comb
  • Replace bristles in a hairbrush
  • Replace mirrors
  • Engrave

We carry a large selection of cleaning products and bags for storage of your holloware.

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